The Benefits

Helix anchors derive their holding from the soils into which they are screwed.

Helix Anchor

The square shaft Helix anchors are installed with the aid of hydraulics to screw the anchor through resisting soils.

Helix anchors have been repeatedly tested and proven safe by Mother Nature and tugboats with load measuring equipment.

Helix Mooring Systems


Environmentally Friendly Marine Embedment Anchors

Mooring Systems

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Floatlift mooring

Our high-load marine anchor is built on a solid, square shaft measuring 1 ¾” on a side. It is protected with hot-dipped galvanizing, and the termination includes a 1 1/8” shackle which encircles the shaft and connects to the anchor rode (Seaflex elastic rode, chain, rope, and cable have all been used successfully). Compare the actual holding power of a Helix anchor to mushroom style or cement block anchor systems.

breakout tableThe results of the first test (performed in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, under the watchful eye of area harbor masters, a marine industry reporter, and a representative of Boat/US).